Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Forever Young

Sweatshirt: J. Crew outlet, Blouse & Necklace: Madewell, Pants: Citizens of Humanity, Boots & Bag: J. Crew

Jeans: Paige, Sneaks: Converse/Chuck Taylors, Scarf: random stand thingy at the mall

It’s Two for Tuesday and I took this sweatshirt that I got from the J.Crew outlet and styled it 2 ways. You just can’t go wrong pairing it with some comfy jeans and Chuck Taylors! And then I dressed it up a bit with some skinny black pants, boots, and a silk tee underneath. Hope you like it as much as I liked wearing it.

OK now fun stuff… it’s my birthday today! Hooray! The big 2-7. I remember being 10 years old and thinking that I would never be this old. I’m not sure exactly what I thought would happen to me…but I suppose I thought everything would halt at a good ‘ol 25 years and I would stay young & fabulous forever. It would be like that new J. Timberlake movie...have you seen the preview? Where he introduces his wife, mother, and daughter, and they ALL look 25?? WEIRD. Maybe I don't want that. Anyway, I feel like birthdays hold more weight as you get older. You wonder: am I where I want to be and I am I doing what I want to be doing? Along with the rest of the world, when I learned Steve Jobs died, I remembered his wise words of “Stay hungry, stay foolish.” What amazing advice. I’m pretty sure that Steve Jobs was kind of smart & I was thinking I should listen to him and pursue what I am passionate about in life... I suppose this blog is my start. So perhaps 27 will be a great year, a year filled with discovering what I might really want to do with my NEXT 27 years. And I like that. 27, maybe you aren’t as bad as I thought.

P.S. Just wondering…calories don’t count on your b-day, right? I started my day with a VENTI pumpkin spice chai latte from Starbucks (what's THAT you say? Try it - trust me)! And then an awesome co-worker brought in cookies, and then there were delicious cupcakes (um, did I mention they were filled with icecream...YEAH)… so I might just have to “forget” that Nick told me he is also making me cupcakes tonight, and indulge. All. Day. Long. Birthday treats…don’t mind if I do! Also, I secretly love all the birthday love people give on facebook these days...SO cool to hear from old & new friends. And I love the beautiful flowers that my darling husband sent to work. Birthdays rule!

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