Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Both hands in my pockets

Skirt, Scarf & bangles: J. Crew outlet, Top, Bag & Boots: J. Crew

Hello Wednesday. Once again, I am decked out in J. Crew. I will blame the outlet shopping we did this weekend...I went a little crazy in there! It was kind of like the running of the brides...I may have been practically racing around the store and throwin' some bows to get to all the good stuff before my size ran out. I was that (sweaty) girl in line with 25 items loaded in my arms to try could barely see my face over the pile. Did I mention there were only 3 dressing rooms? I was definitely getting the stink eye from the other ladies in line. But anyway, I LOVE this's super comfy and just looks and feels so Fall appropriate. I think the combo of the small stripes on the top, combined with the gingham on the scarf works well, don't you?

So have you heard enough about my birthday already? Well, too bad! I finished my post yesterday before the conclusion of my big I'll fill you in on the rest. Husband made me chili & cornbread...and then homemade funfetti cupcakes with creamcheese frosting!! AND, he did the dishes....yes he did. This is a pretty big deal, as some of you know...Nick proposed to me during a fight that was provoked by him NOT doing the man is really growin' up! Then, he let me watch Say Yes to the Dress AND Grey's Anatomy (which he secretly loves). And then I opened up my present....a new pair of boots from J. Crew that I can't wait to show you! I did hint very heavily this past month that I would be sososo disappointed if those particular boots were not inside that wrapping paper on my Nick did a great job of avoiding my sad, puppy face. And now it's you can breathe a sigh of more birthday talk...until next October.

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