Friday, October 21, 2011

A Day in the Life

Blazer: H & M, Blouse & Skirt & Bangles: J. Crew outlet, Shoes: Nine West outlet, Clutch: it was my mom's!

So I LOVE this outfit...because it looks semi - expensive right? But it's Frugal guess's NOT! Yay for outlet shopping!

I have the day off today, in anticipation of our flight to Philly tonight. So what am I doing on my day off? Well, thank you for asking...I woke up...watched some morning shows (I love having weekdays off so I can do this - only I'm so sad Ellen is no longer in the morning lineup, ah well). Then I went to the gym (to work off some of the beer & bad food I will undoubtedly enjoy this weekend at homecoming). Then I packed...which was QUITE the we are CARRYING ON! Being, well, me - I naturally when Nick suggested (or more like demanded) that we not check our bags...I'm not gonna lie, I had a mini panic attack. But, I managed, and may or may not have stuffed a few extra tops into his bag so that mine wouldn't pop. He will be so proud. And then I met my fabulous friend Katie downtown for some coffee & window shopping (which turned into actual shopping - oops, once again). Katie is super fashionable and is great to go shopping with. If you live around should check out the store she works's called Good and it is located on Charles St. They have super cute jewelry and other things!  Um, I just realized I listed my daily activities for you. At least I didn't share my bathroom habits or every single thing I ate today, right? But just in case you were wondering, I had peanut butter Puffins for breakfast.

See you Monday!

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