Monday, October 24, 2011


Necklace: Anthropologie, Pants & Boots: Madewell, Shirt: J. Crew

It's copycat Monday once again, and this outfit was inspired by Jentine of My Edit...check it out under "Birthday Pants & Big Dreams". She has fab style and is an awesome thrifter! I think this chambray shirt is my new fave. I know everyone goes nuts over chambray these days...but if you don't have one... seriously, get one.

I can't believe it's Monday again so soon. Yuck. The picture above was taken when we were in Philly this's on the roof of my friend Meredith's apartment. This was the "before homecoming" picture...I don't think you guys will get to see the after. I know, I'm such a tease.  This is actually the first year it wasn't all rainy...and so I was actually excited to NOT wear my Hunter rainboots for once - shocking, I know! Couple notable things from this weekend:

1) Going to see my old cheerleading coach Phil & the current Villanova cheerleaders. I was super dorky and excited when Phil introduced me as Annie...4 year cheerleader and former captain. Aw, shucks guys. See me in my glory days here.

2) Seeing my favorite basketball player Randy Foye. He's kind of a big deal. You might think that being a cheerleader and graduating the same year as Randy, that I would know him. But, I do not. So when I saw him I was deduced to a shy little girl with a crush: stealing glances when I could (which was alot), blushing, fixing my hair, giving his wife the stink eye. Nick wasn't so pleased. Neither was Randy's wife.

3) Eating alot of pizza. I mean alot. I think I was full until dinner the following day. That much cheese cannot be good. But it was just SO good.

4) Um...COLLEGE. Being on campus is so nostalgic...I love it. It really makes me want to go back. Either that or I guess I can live vicariously through my little sister. Sam, if you are reading this...please go to college in Boston so I can crash your dorm parties, thanks. Kidding. It's not creepy to be 27 and still want to party/play beer pong in overcrowded dorm rooms with 18 year olds, right? Oh probably is.

Sigh...back to life as a working girl.

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