Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Fourth Grade Flashback

Skirt & Belt: J. Crew Tights & Shoes: Target Blouse: Madewell Clutch: Love Cortnie (etsy) Glasses: Warby Parker

Thank goodness I discovered you can order most of J. Crew's pencil skirts online in petite sizes. In the regular length (which this one is), I kind of feel like my 4th grade teacher, Miss V, who was, I'm convinced, 90 years old and had an unhealthy obsession with cats. I mean, I'm pretty sure if she was wearing this outfit, the only "animal print" would be the knitted cat on her sweater. And there would be nude stockings with runs in them, some geriatric flats, and the definite smudge of red lipstick on her teeth. Oh, and the whole thing would have smelled like pencils and cat pee. So, at least I don't smell like cat pee, even if the skirt does make me look a little, uh, older.

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