Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Talk To My Outfit Tuesday

Madewell jeans
Madewell blouse
Madewell flats
Madewell tote

Dear Blouse: I'm so excited I can bust you out and not freeze my little butt off. Granted, it's still only about 50 degrees outside...but compared to the Winter we had...well it feels like 80! I might even break out my shorts next week.
Kidding...but that thought does make me wonder what my next door neighbor will be wearing when it gets even warmer...since he has been known to shovel snow in jean shorts...

Dear Jeans: I've already sung your praises quite a few times, I think, but I'll say it again...best pair of bf jeans ever.

Dear Flats: I kind of feel like I have wicked witch feet when I look down at you. But you look super cute on everyone else I see you on, so I'm just going to assume that maybe just maybe, you actually look cute on my feet too. Plus, your brilliant blue color is just gawgeous.

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