Monday, March 24, 2014

Heartbreak Hotel

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Oh, Monday. Monday after the first weekend of the NCAA tourney. Heartbreak for some, and glory  for others. Which group do I fall into? Well......Nova ended up winning their first game, which was awesome...but round 2 was heartbreak city for me. Especially because they lost to UConn...which is where Nick went. Yeahhh...watching your team lose is one thing, but having it happen around a bunch of fans from the other team, one of which is your husband? It. Completely. Blows. The only way I got through it was with one of those giant fish bowls full of electric blue liquor.

But other than that, it was an awesome weekend, filled with watching tons of basketball, hanging out with friends, and eating an exorbitant amount of nachos that can't possibly be considered anything but shameful. As well as amazing.

Nachos and alcohol people. They can get ya through anything.

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