Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Talk To My Outfit Tuesday

 Madewell plaid shirt
Madewell ankle crop jeans
Madewell hat
Madewell bag
Converse sneakers

Dear Shirt: Yes I know, I know...another plaid shirt. But you are so perfectly light weight and Springy, and you compliment this reddish/orange hat so well...how could I possibly resist?

Dear Jeans: Hallelujah...Madewell came out with an ankle crop jean! What's that mean? 26" inseam people. AKA no need to hem to achieve that lusted after cool ankle look that tall people can rock so flawlessly.

Dear Hat: I so love that I can just throw you on in the mornings when I walk Aggie, and you hide my greasy hair and ghastly makeup free face. If only I changed out of my French bulldog print PJs...I would be good to go.

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