Thursday, January 2, 2014

Things That Make Me Warm & Fuzzy Thursday

Jeans: Madewell // similar
Shirt: J. Crew // similar
Sweatshirt: Madewell // here
Boots: Madewell // here
Clutch:  Madewell // similar
Necklace: Madewell // here

Things That Make Me Warm & Fuzzy:

1. Christmas time! I know it's over...but since I took a little blogging break, I didn't really get the chance to reminisce with you guys, so here goes: Decorating the tree while drinking egg nog, wrapping presents, watching Love Actually & Christmas Vacation, the SMELL of Christmas trees, listening to Pandora Mariah Carey Christmas station at work, baking stupid amounts of Christmas cookies, hanging out with the fam...ah it's just all so delightful don't ya think?
2. The sweatshirt I'm wearing. I know it's just another old gray sweatshirt... but something about it...something about it is just amazing.
3. Work holiday parties. There's  something about getting tipsy and dancing with your co-workers that just brings you closer together. And makes work life just a leetle more awkward.
4.  This shimmer tee. How FUN for the holidays amiright?
5. Red and Green M&Ms. There's just something about them in those 2 very merry colors that makes them taste extra good. And I'm addicted.

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