Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Talk To My Outfit Tuesday

Jeans: Old Navy // here
Sweater: Madewell // here
Coat: J. Crew // here
Hat: J. Crew // here
Necklace: J. Crew // here
Sneakers: Vans via J. Crew // here
Bag: Kate Spade: // here

Dear Sweater: I just have one thing to say to you - a girl can never have enough slouchy gray sweaters in her life. My mom happens to disagree and tried to convince me not to buy you (which normally I would appreciate since I do have a bit of a shopping, er, problem)...but I'm glad I didn't listen this time (sorry mom) because you. are. awesome.

Dear Coat: I have been waaaaaiting and waiting for you, ever since I made my mom buy you back in October so that Santa could give you to me last week. And let me just say, the wait has been worth it...you are gawgeous dahling.

Dear Bag: Ohhh have I had my eye on YOU! Luckily Lord & Taylor recognized the fact that I needed you in my life and had an AMAZING sale so that I could buy you. 

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