Thursday, September 26, 2013

Things That Make Me Warm & Fuzzy Thursday

Pants: Madewell // here
Tee: Urban Outfitters // similar
Blouse: Madewell // similar
Boots: Madewell // here
Bag: J. Crew // similar
Necklace: Madewell // here

Things That Make Me Warm & Fuzzy: 

1. The fact that I got my camo tee for $9.99 at Urban deal ever!
2. Pumpkin spice CHAI lattes. This has been on the list before...but I feel inclined to share my very favorite fall drink with you guys every go to Starbucks and try one!
3. Baking/overindulging in fall things...recently I've made GF pumpkin scones, apple crisp, banana bread, oatmeal cookies, and pumpkin cupcakes. Yes, I have a problem...and it's one I'm kind of proud of.
4. These ankle sateen pants I'm wearing from Madewell. Aren't they the best color for fall? AND, they are suuuuper soft and comfy. I know it probably seems like a constant Madewell ad overe here...but now that I work there, I just can't help it #sorryimnotsorry.
5. Jake Gyllenhaal (sorry Nick). Hubs and I went to see Prisoners this past weekend...and it was SO good. And Jake...well...he was worth every dollar spent on that movie ticket. In fact, he may be worth about 5 more movie tickets...

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