Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Talk To My Outfit Tuesday

Jeans: Old Navy // here
Sweatshirt: Madewell // similar
Shoes: H&M // similar
Bag: Madewell // here

Dear Sweatshirt: Hi. It's nice to meet you again. We were re - acquainted after I started packing and found you at the bottom of one of my drawers. And I sure do feel like a lucky gal, because you are ever so soft and comfy, and pretty dang cute too. Here's to many more misadventures, now that we're friends again.

Dear Shoes: Can we get an AMEN? Amen that H&M finally started their online store so that you could find your way to me. A freaking Men.

Dear Bag: I know I've said it to other bags in my life, but you are seriously my new favorite purchase. Not only can I stuff you fool of oodles of useless crap that I obviously need on me at all times (hello bag of Swedish fish and 3 pairs of sunglasses), but I also can't wait to use you as my new "work" bag in Boston :)

Side note: I miss you guys! Moving has been SO hectic, and I'm sitting in a Starbucks as we speak in order to post/get internet access. And this outfit - it was literally thrown together because these were the last 3 pieces of clothing that remained unpacked...so don't judge :) Anyways, I'm hoping to get back to normal around here in about a week or so. If you want a peek into the choas of moving, etc...you can find me on instagram here!

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