Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Talk To My Outfit Tuesday

Skirt: Nordstrom // here
Tee: J.Crew // similar
Boots: Target // similar
Bag: J. Crew // here
Necklace: Scribble & Stone

Dear Skirt: You are....freaking amazing. I scooped you up during the Nordstrom Anniversary sale and I could not be happier with you. Maybe it's your soft, leathery material, or your sassy front zipper, or maybe just maybe it's the fact that I feel like a cool rocker chick in you...but whatever it is...it makes me want to start playing the electric guitar, take singing lessons, and start acting way cooler than I actually am.

Dear Tee: It's a shame you can't be ordered online...but luckily for me I work about 10 minutes from a J.Crew so I was able to go check you out in person. And you are my 3rd graphic tee in the past few weeks...so I'm thinking I have a new addiction...

Dear Boots: I always get SO excited for the fall and for boot season in mid August and so I just had to break you out again. Sure, my feet might be sweating a little, but it's all worth it for a cute fall outfit preview right? Now if only pumpkin spice lattes were back already...

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