Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Mrs. Shorts + Blazer

Shorts: J. Crew // similar
Blazer: c/o Wallis // here
Tank: Madewell // here
Wedges: Target // here
Bag: J. Crew // here
Necklace: Anthropologie // similar
Sunglasses: Anthropologie // here

There's something about the shorts/blazer/heels combo that is pretty amazing. Even though I could never wear this to work, I feel kind of professional in it. Like I'm Mrs. Coe instead of just Annie. And on that note...did I just  become OK with being called Mrs? This is a pretty big step for me, since I'm totally that girl freaking out about every day she gets closer to 30. I wish I wasn't...I wish I was one of those fabulous ladies who is excited about it and is going to embrace it. But nope, I choose to fight it, unsuccessfully of course, as evidenced by my weekly ritual of scouring my head for gray hairs - much like the school nurse would do back in the elementary school days for lice (you know you've been there). I guess I'm hoping at some point in the next year and a half I will magically wake up one day and think: "You know what, I can't WAIT to be's going to be awesome." But because that's highly unlikely to happen...I think I'll just plan a kick ass party, wear something fabulous, start dying my hair, and dance on a bar Coyote Ugly style...because that's totally appropriate for a 30 year old, right? :)

P.S. I know I mentioned before, but I'm participating in Wallis' Summer Stylist Contest  alongside some fabulous ladies. If you guys want to make my would be amazing if you would head over to their facebook page here and vote for me. Thanks!

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