Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Jeans: Gap Similar: here
Shirt: Madewell Similar: here
Sweater: Forever 21 Similar: here and here
Boots: Nine West Similar: here
Necklace: J. Crew Similar: here
Bag: J. Crew Similar: here
Glasses: Warby Parker here

I'll take a sec to tell you guys how much I love this outfit, and how great this shirt and blouse go together, but then I want to tell you a funny story. So yes - I like what I'm wearing, it's pretty comfy, and here goes:

Apparently I'm a total freak when I go to the gym, and I take classes because I'd rather break my arm than run on a treadmill. Last week my gym offered up a free week for new members, so that, coupled with the fact that everyone and their food baby is trying to sweat off that holiday chub, meant the classes were packed. And I mean packed tighter than an elevator at 8am on a workday (don't even get me started on that last little sucker that has to, has to, squeeze himself and his huge backpack into an already jam packed space - it was that bad up in that class). Anywho...I was in my new favorite jam, turbo kick, which is sort of a mix of zumba and kickboxing, just trying to work off my own extra poundage while wedged between Marla, Martha, Morgan and Maureen (names are for the story's sake - I don't actually know any Marthas). Turns out throwing half ass punches and kicks while cautiously gyrating your hips because you are afraid to get too close to your neighbor doesn't really break a at some point I decided to take it up a notch and really bust out the next sequence. Chest pump, body roll, front kick, back kick? I got this. So I commit....and I pump it so hard my chest hurts, I roll it down like Beyonce, kick it forward like freakin' Jackie Chan and then BOOM. Back kick Marla in the arm. Luckily she was OK, but I sure felt like a jerk. Especially since this week, the class got a reminder to kindly, watch where you kick (cue a bunch of glares in my direction).

So what's even worse than kicking a girl in the arm and narrowly missing her face while exercising? Falling off your step during your step class routine. Onto your butt. In front of the entire class, who doesn't laugh at you, but just stares. And stares. Yeah, that happened too. It would have been better if they laughed.

I swear I'm more coordinated than I sound.


  1. Hi Annie, love that sweater! I want it! Was disappointed to see it has sold out! Your story is funny - you are hilarious! Love the outfit - everything looks great together!