Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Frosty Pastels

Jeans: Madewell Similar: here
Shirt: J. Crew Similar: here
Shoes: J. Crew Similar: here
Bag: J. Crew Similar: here
Scarf: Madewell Similar: here

Is it too early for pastels? I hope not. I'm thinking that because my shirt is velvet and was purchased in December, I can still pair it with some pretty pastels, a fur cowl, and boyfriend jeans and not freeze my bootay off. Wrong. But it's OK because I'm just channeling spring in this outfit. Bring on the birds, allergies, NCAA basketball tournament (yes, it fits in this category) and sunshine. Just kidding - the birds can stay away. Those things freak me out.

So I wanted to take a sec to tell you guys about girl's night, which happened last Friday. It. was. amazing! A group of us went out for some Mexican food and margaritas and then headed out for some dancing. And oh man did we dance the night away. The calories in those shrimp tamales I ate for dinner were obliterated by the end of the night, and I was so drenched in sweat it looked like I just ran through a sprinkler (ew is right). And those creepy boys that try to grind with you? Well, guess what? They do it differently now, those tricky little suckers. No - they no longer creep up behind just one girl anymore, but they completely surround the entire group of girls at once so that your friends have NO chance of rescuing you from the ensuing dance assault that's inevitably going to happen. Or maybe you guys knew this already...but I thought it was pretty funny as my friends and I were awkwardly trying to shimmy and butt roll ourselves away from some very aggressive dance suitors. But despite all that - it was a blast :)

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