Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Talk to my Outfit Tuesday

Shirt: Gap (here)
Sweater: Gap (here)
Jeans: J. Brand Similar: here
Hat: Gap (here)
Shoes: Steve Madden (here)
Bag: Madewell (here)

Dear Shirt: I do have another blue gingham shirt, but the checks on that one are a bit too oversized, so I decided to add you to the collection. Plus when I put you on, you were so soft, I knew you were definitely coming home with me. Not only do I need a new blue gingham shirt, but I need a new blanky as well.

Dear Sweater: I think you were meant to go on top of that blue shirt, don't you? I also think I'm addicted to blue and green. They were part of my wedding colors and pretty sure I've decorated every room in our apartment with that color scheme. So I was done the second I layered you over that pretty blue shirt. Done.

Dear Hat: I was in the Gap, trying to Christmas shop for other people, but I'm a sucker so I ended up with you and a pile of other things (ahem, blue gingham shirt and neon green sweater) in the dressing room. I put everything on at the same time, not really thinking if it went together, but when I looked in the mirror I decided that you were EXACTLY what that shirt & sweater needed. The perfect outfit - and you were the cherry on top.

Dear Gap: I want to quit my job and work for you. That is all.


  1. I love blue and green. Another perfect look... um.. and can u day adorable hat?!?! I just love it!!