Thursday, November 29, 2012

Things That Make Me Warm & Fuzzy Thursday

Jeans: Madewell Similar: here
Blouse: Madewell Similar: here
Sweater: Madewell (here)
Shoes: H&M Similar: here
Bag: Madewell (here)

Things That Make Me Warm & Fuzzy:

1. Boyfriend jeans. I'm sure you've all known this for awhile...but I'm kind of obsessed with these bad boys. So much so that they have several holes that I've had to patch up (and by that I mean have the tailor  patch up because I am hopeless at sewing,etc). Saggy-butt-holey jeans are super sexy in my book.
2. Homemade eggnog! The hubster and I made some last week for the holiday. I thought it was going to gross me out, all those raw eggs and everything, but it was deee - LISH. Or maybe it was so good because we put a little too much bourbon in it (I was convinced more alcohol would kill the raw egg cooties). But either way...YUM.
3. Dessert wine. Obviously this post is about food, drinks, and baggy clothes to hide fat guts. Tis the season :)
4. Shopping with my mom & sis. Yep - we ventured out on Black Friday...but only after we slept in and ate a delicious breakfast to ensure our shopping skills would be at their finest. We tackled H&M and the Gap like nobody's business.
5. Breaking Dawn 2. Team Edward all the way. I'm totally going to blow up my husband's spot here...but he came along on this outing. He may have dressed extra manly, refused to shave his beard that day, and sat there with a bored look on his face...but I know he secretly loved it.

p.s. Please excuse the inner tube around my waist. I'm pretty sure it was just something weird going on with my layers...I sure hope my actual stomach doesn't look like that...

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