Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Talk To My Outfit Tuesday

Vest: J. Crew Outlet Similar: here
Shirt: J. Crew Outlet Similar: here
Jeans: Madewell Similar: here
Shoes: J. Crew (here)
Necklace: J. Crew Outlet (here)
Bag: J. Crew (here)

Dear Vest: You are lucky to have made it into my closet. Why? Weeeelllll, because I couldn't exactly afford you this month...but we happened to stop at the J. Crew outlet...and it happened to be on my birthday weekend....so I couldn't very well NOT buy you, now could I? Welcome.

Dear Shirt: STRIPES! I just can't ever resist you. Ever. I also can't resist eating dessert after every meal. Sooo...I guess I need to work on my will power.

Dear Flats: You are seriously the best flats ever made. Full price, you are STUPID expensive, so I try to stay away from you. But on SALE? For $60....oh I'll take you! And I'll love you forever and ever and ever. Sadly, right after these photos were snapped...you got a big dollop of something on you that just won't come out. Major bummer. It was fun while it lasted...a whole 10 minutes.

Dear Necklace: I'm so happy to have found you, also at the J. Crew outlet. You look really expensive, but at the outlet, and with my 30% off coupon...psshhhh...buying you was like taking candy from a child. Or like drinking stale coffee at work. Basically free.

And just for fun - below are some photos from a CT blogger meetup that happened on Friday night...I am SO excited I finally got to meet Lydia of Chic on the Cheap and Megan of Closet Fashionista! There was shopping and outfit photos and a delicious dinner, and there would have been some ice cream if we hadn't been too busy shopping. Oh well...we'll have to make ice cream a priority next time :)

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