Wednesday, August 15, 2012

One Too Many

Skirt: Madewell here
Shirt: J. Crew Similar: here
Bag: Madewell Similar: here
Shoes: Zara Similar: here
Bracelets: J. Crew outlet & Madewell

Question: can a girl have too many striped skirts? I already had one in my closet, but I just couldn't help myself when I saw this one at Madewell. I tried to resist, but then I thought of all the daggone ways I could style it up and I just caved. I caved! But it's OK, right? This version is 0.25 inches shorter than my other one, and the stripes are 0.5mm bigger. So, yeah. Totally justified.


  1. The purchase was definitely a good one! Loving your skirt with the chambray!


  2. Totally justified! You look great!