Monday, August 27, 2012

Meet Darby

TODAY is the day guys! As we speak, movers are packing up our apt and we will soon be en route to CT! So wish me luck unpacking and cross your fingers I won't have a panic attack from all the chaos. Also I may not have internet access again until check back then. In the meantime,  here's a little post from my girl Darby:

Hi pretty peeps!

I'm Darby from  Obviously Obsessed and I have the pleasure of guest posting for the lovely and unbelievably stylish Annie :) Now for the outfit DEETS:  One trend detail I am LOVING right now are scalloped edges. There are so many cute, fun, and flirty variations on dresses, skirts, tops, and even shorts! I decided to throw on two pieces with scalloped edges...might be overkill but I hope you guys think it works ;) Hope you are having a FABULOUS week and make sure to show me some love by stopping by Obviously Obsessed <3

Lots of Love xoxo


  1. Good luck on the move Annie! Love this outfit Darby!! Heading over to your blog now!

  2. Good luck with the move!! I'm in love with those shorts!!