Monday, July 23, 2012

Copycat Monday

Skirt: Old Navy Similar: here
Tee: American Apparel Similar: here
Necklace: Anthropologie (old) Similar: here
Sandals: J. Crew Similar: here and here
Bag: Madewell (here)
Watch: Timex via J. Crew
Sunglasses: Target Similar: here
Bracelets: mixed & matched

I'm baaaa - aaack! Vacation is officially over, so here I am...a couple pounds fatter, a few shades darker, well rested, and one less follower than when I left (hate when that happens!)...but I'll take the good with the bad :) Hope you guys had an awesome week!

Today's Copycat Monday outfit was inspired by Joyce of sip-n-wear! I love Joyce's style, and I love my maxi skirts, so this was a no brainer. Can I just rant about maxis a bit more? I would wear one every day if I could. In fact, I think my neighbors might think I have a problem - they may have caught me in the same outfit, featuring this maxi, twice in one week. And there's also the fact that they catch me taking outfit photos every freakin' weekend that probably adds to their opinion that I'm a weirdo.  But anyway, I love how Joyce spiced this casual outfit up with a nice little statement necklace - isn't it perfect? Thanks for the inspiration Joyce!

Sorry for the long post, but you know I love to share every detail of my life with you, so I wanted to tell you about the highlight of our vacation! I was dying to spill the beans before we left - but it was a surprise! So what was the surprise? Well, we kicked off our vacation by throwing a SURPRISE 30th anniversary party for my parents...

My awesome mom & dad
The whole fam (minus Nick - being the photographer as usual)

They were so shocked...I walked them into the backyard where the tent was set up and the guests were waiting, and everyone shouted "SURPRISE!" Their actual anniversary is next month- so they were both like surprise WHAT? Check out my mom's face in pic 3 - so priceless! So we ate, drank, played bean bags, and had an amazing time celebrating them! And after that I was so excited I could finally relax! More vaca details to come later this week :)

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  1. What a great idea throwing them a surprise party!! Looks like so much fun! My parents are celebrating their 30th this year too. I'm obsessed with your necklace!!!! Gorgeous.