Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Talk to My Outfit Tuesday

Shorts: J. Crew Similar: here
Sweater: Madewell (here)
Blouse: Madewell (old)
Sandals: J. Crew (here) Similar: here
Essie color: Play Date

Dear Shorts: I'm sorry that my pale legs are blindingly white and kind of take away from your cuteness. But if people can look past that, they will see that you have POLKA DOTS! Which means you've stolen my heart. And now I have to stop typing this so I can go stare down into your gorgeous white, beady eyes...yes, it's true love.

Dear Sweater: I saw you and I just HAD to have you! Just LOOK at all your colors. You are SO pretty my dear. And though you are on the short side, being a cropped sweater and all, it's OK because I can just layer you so nobody can see my tummy. Or maybe I should go lose that 10 lbs I've been meaning to. But probably, I'll just stick to the layers.

Dear Blouse: If you weren't sheer/see through - you definitely wouldn't be as cool. That is one of the few times I can say that about a piece of clothing and mean it. 

Dear Shoes: You make me feel like planning a Mediterranean vacation. It will be great. We can walk around little Greek &/or Italian villages and eat pasta until we want to pop. What's that bank account? Oh, there's not enough money for a vacation? Boo.

Dear Essie "Play Date" nail polish: I love your name. It makes me want to be 8 years old again and invite my BFF over to play with my chemistry set and concoct some sort of goo that makes fart noises. Yeah, slimy goo beats playing Barbies any day in my book.

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  1. Love your shorts!!!! I need a pair in my life now.