Thursday, April 5, 2012

Things That Make Me Warm & Fuzzy Thursday

Jeans, Blazer, Blouse: Madewell Bag & Necklace: J. Crew Shoes: Steve Madden

Things That Make Me Warm & Fuzzy Thursday:

1. This outfit. I was just going to pick 1 thing about it - but I love it all. Especially this blazer and my new Steve Madden shoes. They are super comfy, and what a fun Spring color, right? Is it totally self centered to talk about how much I love my outfit? Wait, is it totally self centered to have a blog where I post pictures of myself everyday? Oh well :)
2. J.P. Licks. This is the ice cream store that is around the corner from our house. I'm excited it's finally warm enough to eat ice cream again. Actually that's a lie, because I eat ice cream even in the coldest of temperatures. I'm excited that it's warm enough that Nick & I can start walking there after work once (or 3 times) per week again.
3. Gettin' my hairs cut! Yep, got myself a new 'do on Tuesday, so you guys will see it next week since all outfit photos are previously recorded. How amazing does it feel when they wash your hair? I would definitely pay for an extra 10 minutes of THAT. Creepy?
4. Old Navy. I feel like Old Navy has made the list before - but anyway, I went in there to return something, and walked out with TWO $5 shirts, and a red, distressed sweatshirt for $15 that retails for $68 plus at J. Crew. So take THAT J. Crew.
5. Game of Thrones. Anyone watch this show? I didn't think I would be into it - but it's SO good, and season 2 premiered on Sunday! It's set in sort of Medieval Times/fantasy world. If I could pick an era to live in, it would be the Medieval Times. Though that would have probably meant I would not have lived past 25 and would have had to shoot me own food. And probably would not have had a style blog. So maybe not.

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  1. I love your shirt and shoes!! Such a gorgeous color!


  2. very nice plaid shirt...the colors are fabulous! I like the matching green shoes too. You look cute in this outfit. Your immaculate layering skill is inspiring.


  3. Love those shoes! And I could really go for some ice cream now that it's warming up :)