Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Talk to My Outfit Tuesday

Pants: Madewell Chambray shirt & Shoes: J. Crew Sweatshirt: Gap Sunnies: Ray Ban Backpack: Urban Outfitters

Dear Floral Pants: You are my first pair of patterned pants, and so that means I'm going to be super attached to you from now on. I mean, you stole my floral pants virginity, so we are like, meant to be, right? Right. Love you.

Dear Sweatshirt: For some reason, I feel the need to have a million gray sweatshirts. Did I need to buy you when I was in the Gap the other day? Absolutely not, I probably have 3 others just like you. But I put you on anyway and just couldn't take you off. So then I had to buy you, or I would have been arrested. Welcome.

Dear Moccasins: I'm so happy to see you again. This is our first reunion since we walked the streets of Rome & Positano together on the honeymoon. Just looking at you makes me think of gelato, spaghetti, and the beach. Oh and that really uncomfortable feeling you get after eating a 5 course meal and drinking a bottle of wine every night for 10 days.

Dear Ray Bans: I'm really excited I can break you out again as well. For some strange reason, I've always thought it was weird to wear sunglasses in the Winter. Does this make sense? Absolutely not, since cold weather does not equal darkness. But now it's Spring, so I can disregard my totally crazy ideas about sunglasses and get my shades ON.


  1. Love your pants!!! I definitely have an obsession with anything floral print right now.


  2. Love this outfit! Grey is so wonderful! Love the floral pants....Now I want a pair. Thanks for sharing this outfit!

  3. Such a cute outfit!! Those pants are great, and I love them with the sweatshirt, mocassins, and backpack!