Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday Favorites: Spring/Summer

Old Navy bathing suit
Madewell canvas bag
Madewell heart tote
Splendid tee maxi dress
Dolce Vita sandals
Rebecca Minkoff round toe flats
Kate Spade baublebox earrings
BaubleBar tribal mosaic necklace

So I have some bad news guys. I've made an executive decision that I'm only going to post 4 outfits per week from now on. I know, I'm sorry, but there's also good news! Instead of an outfit post - I'm going to do a "Friday Favorites" theme, where I will share items or an outfit that I'm loving/drooling over. You guys might be sad, but the hubs? Oh he is all too happy for 1 less outfit photo, so that's a plus because I hear less complaining every weekend :)  So anyway, here are some items I'm lusting over for the Spring/Summer...Happy Friday!

Also, I have to apologize. It was brought to my attention yesterday that certain comments were not showing up on the blog. I logged into DISQUS to check it out, and found a butt load of comments in my spam folder. And now I feel like a terrible blogger because there were so many of you out there who were commenting and I never even knew, so I never commented back. If this applies to you - please forgive me! I think (I hope) I fixed the comment away :)


  1. Love the skirt and sandals! Love your picks!