Thursday, March 15, 2012

Things I Learned in NYC

Blouse: Modcloth Jeans: Citizens of Humanity Boots & Bracelets: J. Crew Earrings: Forever 21

Things That I Learned While in NYC:

1. You must have a bladder made of elastic, or be REALLY good at holding your pee while walking around the city. I swear, we went into a Starbucks and the line for the bathroom was so long, there was a bouncer.
2. When shopping in NYC, multiply shopping budget x 100. And don't bring the credit cards. I am going to be eating Ramen for the next month. Oops.
3. The stores in NYC are magic. How can there be SO many people shopping, but never a line for the dressing room? Seriously - at the H&M in Boston, I've never had less than a 15 minute wait. But in NYC? Waltzed right in, despite the mobs. How did they DO that? Magic I tell ya.
4. When in hotel room in Times Square and you wake up to get ready because you think it's morning - check outside to see if there is ACTUALLY sunlight, since those bright lights can be pretty deceiving at 4am.
5. Do not stay at a hotel in Times Square unless you have the patience of an angel. Or have no problems pushing people out the way. Or you like to collect those little advertisments like in Elf. Or you like being persuaded constantly to go to a comedy show (which was actually pretty enticing - but still).
6. When you are 30 years old (or 27 for me), don't drink like you are 20 years old. Woof.
7. And finally, don't save outfit pics for the Sunday AFTER your husband has his 30th birthday party. You will look like death and all of your clothes will have stains on them. Yep, this is the outfit I wore to the party the night before. Let's just say the whiffs of alcohol coming off it did NOT help the hangover.

Here are some fun pics from the weekend, taken with our crappy camera:

At the Big East Tourney!

Birthday Boys

Party Planners!

Me Eating Rice & Everyone Else Eating Pizza

Steph! I was her stylist for the day and we picked out her whole outfit together - SO.MUCH.FUN!

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  1. Haha loved everything you learned in NYC. Such a crazy place! I love your top and bracelets! Beautiful color.