Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Jeans: Citizens of Humanity Shirt, Belt & Cardi: Madewell Scarf: Anthropologie Bag & Shoes: J. Crew

So, I'm trying this new thing out instead of Two for Tuesday. I'm thinking Talk to my Outfit Tuesday. Yes - this means is I will talk to my clothes like they are people. Is that weird? Let's find out:

Dear wide leg jeans: I love you and your 70s vibe, but without my beloved heels, you make me look like a fat, big - thighed midget. What is THAT about?

Dear striped t-shirt: I might wear you everyday this week because you are SUPER comfy. But I have to post outfit pics for this blog – so don’t be ashamed if you are worn under all my other outfits.

Dear J. Crew wedges: I’ve only worn you once since last Christmas, but don’t worry – I’ve rediscovered you after my new found love for wide leg jeans – so get ready for some adventures.

Dear pink scarf: you were also hidden in the back on my closet for awhile, but I’m so glad we are reunited and that my neck will be nice & pretty & warm from now on. Also, all of your ruffles KIND of look like a pile of roast beef - and it makes me want a sandwich.

Dear bag: you are my favorite bag and I really think you will be more than just a flavor of the week. I am going to love you and take you everywhere with me and we can be best friends. A two man wolf pack. AND, I will fill you with lots of lovely things like 3 different kinds of lip gloss, an extra pair of socks because you never know when you’ll need those…and snacks. Lots of snacks.

Was that weird? Maybe I'll stick to Two for Tuesday...

wide legs
Scarf, Shoes, Necklace, Jacket: Madewell Shirt: J. Crew Jeans: Diesel

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