Monday, January 30, 2012

First Impressions

Pants: Citizens of Humanity Shirt, Bracelets & Bag: J. Crew Vest: Anthropologie Belt: Forever 21 Socks & Boots: Madewell Hat: Gap Glasses: Warby Parker

This week's copycat Monday outfit was inspired by Kelly of Enter Kelly. I recently discovered her blog - and love her cute & comfy sense of style. I don't think I would have thought to put this outfit together without seeing her version - so thanks Kelly! Go check her out and leave some love :)

So, we just got new downstairs neighbors. Last weekend they knocked on our door to introduce themselves - at 10am on Saturday morning. Well - you know me & my Saturday mornings, so clearly both Nick & I were still in our PJs with greasy, disheveled hair and socks that don't match. I heard the knock and made asked him to answer it while I stayed in the bathroom and pretended I was uh, indisposed. Luckily for me my darling hubs had enough sense not to make me come out. And it was a good thing - because when I finally emerged after frantically combing my hair and blushing my cheeks in case they were still there, he informed me that they both looked like models. Is it really vain of me to not want to meet our super good looking neighbors while looking like a scrub?

Anyway, I finally did meet them THIS Saturday, at a more acceptable time of 12pm, and this is what I was wearing. I looked put together...but Nick, well, he was still in his "photographer outfit" of sweats and greasy hair. Neighbors - 2, Nick - 0. First impressions don't matter THAT much, right? 

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