Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My 3 True Loves

Sequin top: J. Crew (sale) Blouse & Scarf: J. Crew Jeans: J. Brand Shoes: Target Watch: Michael Kors

sequin top
Bag & Bracelets: J. Crew Top: Michael Kors Pants: J. Brand Shoes: Steve Madden

The Two for Tuesday item is a sequin top. I guess I just can't get enough sequins. Sequin dresses, shorts, tanks, tees - I LOVE it all! I am totally going to be one of those little old ladies that dresses to the nines everywhere she goes. And you can bet those outfits will involve tons of sequins. And loads of perfume. And lots of gold bangles.

So this past weekend we were in NYC with my friends for a college basketball game. Did we win? YES! In overtime. Did I lose my voice from screaming like the crazy ass fan that I am? YES! My throat still hurts. Did I have an amazing time and maybe drink a little too much and also eat a TON of nachos & french fries as a result? Perhaps I did. I just can't help it. I love my friends - and I love unhealthy food. Also, I'm sorry I keep referencing nachos in all of my posts. OH and sequins. Nachos and sequins - can a girl have 3 true loves?

Nick you are the first, don't worry :)

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