Wednesday, December 14, 2011

16 & Scary

Blazer, Tights & Skirt: J. Crew Belt: Madewell Scarf: Banana Republic Shoes: Nine West (mega sale!)

Funny story about these outfit pics: The hubs & I moseyed on down the block, found a house with a pretty little wall in front of it, and started to do our thang (I mean take outfit pics - minds out of the gutter guys). Here I am... striking my poses like a pro (I mean goofball)...when two women (I mean scary teenagers) walk outside and start smoking & watching (OK, staring) at us. I am of course immediately a shade of Tabasco sauce and wanted to start running down the street. But Nick STILL doesn't understand this feeling I get, and tried to make me stay. And OK, maybe he was right, because I forgot to mention that these "girls" were wearing pink & purple skirts made out of some kind of tissue paper & also homemade t- shirts, so I really had them in the style department...but STILL. They were smoking cigarettes guys! And they were like, 16. Teenagers smoking = intimidating! I made us speed walk away, and Nick called me a Jerk. Actually he used a much meaner, R rated word, but I'm gonna keep it PG here on the blog :)

Bah! It's just one embarrassing outfit pic story after another here...maybe I should just suck it up :)

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