Thursday, November 24, 2011

Gobble. What a funny word.

Dress & Belt: Madewell Earrings, clutch & crystal bracelet: J. Crew Silver bracelets: Forever 21 Gold/silver bracelet: Anthro Shoes: Steve Madden (3 years ago)

Things That Make Me Warm & Fuzzy Thursday:

1. THANKSGIVING. Hope you have a happy one & eat tons and tons of turkey, etc. After checking out my outfit of course :)
2. This wall. It is literally around the corner from our apartment, which is super exciting because we won't have to walk very far to take outfit pics when it's cold. If I'm even brave enough to take them outside when it's FA -reezing. But as we were taking this pic, a drunk guy decided to stop and check us out. Nothing better than being stared at by a swaying, drooling man in dirty clothes. It was a real self - esteem booster. So, thank you drunk sir.
3. Surprise birthday parties! I wore this outfit to my friend KB's bday shindig, and I threw my fur vest over it, which looked surprisingly fantastic. I felt so sheek. But back to the party...we got all fancy and drank wine & cocktails & ate French food. So fun!
4. That Target commercial, you know the one I mean...with the blonde chick in the track suit & heels...gearing up for the sales tomorrow. Cracks me up every time, especially when she's leafing through the catalog, shrieking at all the sales. Ha. Anyway, SHE gives new meaning to the phrase "shopping is my cardio."
5. Going to Lord & Taylor with my mom & sister, which we will hopefully do tomorrow! There is just something about going to L & T that reminds me of  the holidays, but also just my childhood in general. See mom, you have to take some of the blame for my shopping started me early :)

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