Thursday, October 6, 2011

My Fall 2011 Picks...rock 'em!

Silk Blouses - J. Crew (bonus: it's mustard color!)
Wedge boots - Steve Madden
Polka dots! - Zara
Animal print accessories - J. Crew
 Blazers - H & M
Cobalt blue - Madewell
Bright colored pants - Forever 21

Shirtdresses - Urban Outfitters
Well hello!'s first official post time...SO exciting! I wasn't actually planning on posting until Monday because I'm still working on some stuff (yes, I actually picked a blog debut date...geek), but I'm just so excited about this I thought...what the heck...I'll do it! It's the perfect night to do it too...the hubs is at a work it's just me, the blog, some Glee on TV...and a bag of chocolate chips...hooray! I would pop some champagne...but I don't want you getting the wrong idea about me off the I'll just stick with the chocolate chips as my celebratory treat. I know it's silly, since I'm basically typing to no one at this point, but this little bloggity blog is just making me so happy right now. I feel like there could be alot of potential for creativity, and I SO need that after a long week of work (almost as much as that champagne).  Once I put the period at the end of this epic sentence...there will be some mini applause going off in my head. So, imaginary readers...I toast you with my chocolate chips for's to you, hopefully one day, you will actually exist :)

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