Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Well guys, I'm back. Ah yes, that first day back from vacation - it's the worst, right? I've been unpacking for what seems like an eternity, catching up on SO many emails, doing 2,000 loads of laundry, and trying to make snacks out of the remnants of food in our fridge (which is basically pickles and string cheese). But yes, it's all worth it, because Ireland was absolutely amazing. I could have probably done about 5 separate posts to describe it to you, but I've decided to just get it all out and share our trip with you in one big long, wordy, and photo heavy post :) Hope you don't mind!

As I mentioned, I could gush about this place for hours, and I have to say, it was the perfect vacation destination. I think Ireland is the stuff dreams are made of. I seriously cannot even describe to you guys the beauty and awe of this place. I just can't (but of course I'll try). My catch phrase over the 10 days we were there was: "I mean, really." In my head I would think...will I ever see something as beautiful as this view? No way. But then we would drive to the next little town, or peer around the next mountain, and there I would say it again: "I mean, really." How beautiful can one place be? When we chose Ireland for our vacation, I knew it would be filled with lush green mountains, perfectly gray skies, and coastlines that went on for miles. But I had no idea just how much it would take my breath away. Yes, the pubs were rowdy and ridiculously fun, singing along to live music with drunk people was great, and the food was pretty amazing too (it actually looks like I came home wearing a fat suit over the body I left with...not kidding). But that mother nature, she really knows how to work it. I truly felt that being in Ireland was good for our souls. The hubs and I would be hiking along, trying to take it all in, and it was as if I knew everything would be OK while I was in this perfect place. When we were in those gorgeous, silent green mountains...the clouds fluffy and enveloping everything around us, it just felt like we were closer to heaven (and maybe Hogwarts too). It was crazy beautiful.

Athlone, Ireland...we stopped for breakfast on our way to Galway. Nope, I haven't slept or showered in a LONG time in that photo.

Athlone, Ireland

Cute shops & cafes in Galway, Ireland

My new favorite cider. Nope, still haven't showered or slept yet.

Just some pretty skies & scenery.

I mean, really.

The Cliffs of Moher

Scarily close to the edge of the Cliffs.

Adare, Ireland. So cute, so quaint.

Killarney, Ireland (my favorite stop)

Killarney National Park...we stumbled upon this rocky/beachy area & it was SO serene.

Torc Waterfall

The Europe Hotel, Killarney, Ireland. Aka the land of fuzzy robes, infiniti pools, free chocolate, and the best smelling lotion ever. Somehow my normally financially responsible husband decided to splurge on this hotel when we booked this part of our vacation, and so we spent 3 glorious days at the most beautiful hotel I've ever been to.

I mean, really.

Infiniti pool at the Europe Hotel, Killarney

Gap of Dunloe

More of the Gap. Most beautiful place, ever.

Dining al fresco will never be this good again. Sigh.

Reading at The Europe Hotel.

Start of the Ring of Kerry drive.

Bundled up on the Derrynane Beach (Ring of Kerry).

Hubs looked so cute with his pants rolled up :)

Relaxin' all cool. Derrynane Beach, Ireland.

Yeah. Seriously. Favorite picture (and view).
Ring of Kerry, Ireland

I forgot the name of this town, but we stopped for lunch during our Ring of Kerry drive.

Jameson distillery, Midleton, Ireland

Cute & dorky.

Cork, Ireland

Dublin, Ireland

More Dublin

Awesome bar setup, right?

Stocking up!

St. Stephen's Green, Dublin, Ireland

Hiding from the rain, Dublin, Ireland.

View from the Gravity Bar, Guinness Factory, Dublin.

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