Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Talk to my Outfit Tuesday

Shorts: Paige // similar and similar
Tee: H&M // similar and similar
Wedges: c/o Winter Lennon // here
Necklaces: J. Crew // here and similar
Clutch: J. Crew // similar

Dear Wedges: You came to me from the cutest online boutique: Winter Lennon! Winter Lennon has so many fun & fabulous Summer dresses, tops, accessories, etc...that it was SO hard to choose you over everything else. But I'm so glad I did because you are both super chic and super comfy and I just can't wait to wear you all Summer long :) And friends...hop on over to Winter Lennon to shop your little hearts out!

Dear Shorts: You are my normal size, but for some reason you are quite large on me...so thanks for making me feel a little bit better about myself :) And also for helping me justify all the junk food I ate this weekend.

Dear Tee: Yes, another linen tee. You know I have so much love for linen tees, are you are no exception. And I LOVE that you came from H&M because that means you were easy on the wallet as well as the eyes.

Dear Necklace: I can't help it, I just want to wear you with every outfit. So I hope my bloggy friends don't get sick of you because I have a feeling they will be seeing a lot of you in the next few weeks. Kind of wish we could high five on that but...you're a necklace.


So did you guys have a good long weekend? Saying mine was awesome would be an understatement (photo proof below). We were in Montauk with a big group of college friends, and even though it rained for most of the weekend...it was So.Much.Fun! There were drinking games, random dance parties, some "trust throws" (see below), a HUGE wine glass, a Risky Business re-enactment, indoor beanbags, and one EPIC survivor flip cup game. Best friends a girl could ask for? I think so :)

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