Thursday, June 14, 2012

Just Plain Awkward Thursday

Pants: J. Crew (here) Similar style: here
Shirt: J. Crew (here)
Shoes: Madewell (here)
Bag: Anthropologie (old)

This week instead of the warm & fuzzies, I wanted to talk about some awkward things. Like Awkard/Awesome but without the awesome. Because yes, my life has been THAT awkward lately:

 Talking to the people on The Bachelorette like they can actually hear me. Saying things like: "Oh my GOODNESS Jef, WHAT are you wearing?" and then giggling like a schoolgirl. And "Em, Ryan is a total douche...duh!" And then there's the fact that I always cover my face with my hands and peek out through my fingers whenever there is a kissing's just too awkward to watch sometimes. But peeking is OK I've decided. Thank goodness I only watch The Bachelorette when I'm alone, right?

Walking out of the gym and the receptionist says "Have a good one" and I'm 5 steps past her when I realize she's talking to me. So I snap out of my daze and say "Hey," instead of "Bye," of all things, and the guy walking into the gym thinks I'm talking to him. He wasn't very friendly, no. You would have thought I had said  "I like to eat people. People sandwiches" by the look he gave me (yeah, I had to go with a people eating reference due to all the crazy news lately - if you don't know what I mean, read this).

Changing out of my 8 month old sneakers after working out at the gym, catching a whiff of their stankiness, and then watching in slow motion as a girl comes right up to the locker below mine, essentially sticking her face INTO the disgustingness. And she KNOWS it's me - there was nowhere to hide and no one else to blame. What can I say - I don't want to spend money on new running shoes. But maybe it's time...maybe.

Sneaking in a butt load of tortilla chips as a pre-dinner snack. Though the last time I did this was while Nick was away for there really was nothing sneaky about it. Except for some reason I still ate them as fast as I could and kept glancing out my kitchen window hoping my neighbor couldn't see me stuffing my face. I guess I had a guilty conscience...which must mean I eat nachos...way.too.much.

The crotch on these purple pants. No, I'm not really a man. But I might need to start ironing better if you guys are going to believe me.

Happy Thursday!

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  1. Need those shoes!!! They are amazing and I love how you combine colors!!