Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Talk to My Outfit Tuesday

Skirt: J. Crew Similar: here
Tee: Madewell Similar: here
Bag: Mondani Similar: here
Shoes: Zara Similar: here
Necklace & Locket: J. Crew
Bangle: H&M Similar: here

Dear Neon Bag: I won you in Amanda's (It's An Easy Life) giveaway, and I'm so happy to have you as part of the team. The bag team that is. And we play to win. OK nevermind, we play for compliments, that's all. Welcome.

Dear Purple Maxi Skirt: You are my FIRST maxi skirt ever. I was always under the impression that at 5'2" I looked like an idiot wearing maxi skirts/dresses - but then I saw you in all your purple glory and knew I had to give maxis a second chance. And I'm so glad I did because even though I have to pull you up to my belly button when I wear you, I discovered I CAN wear maxi skirts/dresses. I only tripped 7 times while wearing you, and didn't even fall once, so we're good, er, right?

Dear Pink Sandals: You are such a fabulous color. When I put you on those little feet of mine, they just get so happy they do a fun little tap dance. It's involuntary, I swear. I didn't even think I remembered anything from my tap dancing days. But then I put you on and it was like my feet had a life of their own. It must be love.

P.S. That is NOT a baby bump. I just forgot to suck it in.

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  1. Love this!! Your skirt is amazing and I need those shoes in my life. I had no idea you were 5'2"! I'm only 5'1" a i just bought my first maxi dress. I had no idea I could find one in a petite size.