Friday, March 30, 2012

What's My Age Again?

Pants: J.Crew (sale & old) Bracelets: J. Crew Tee: Madewell Scarf: Gap Clutch: American Apparel Shoes: Zara Belt: c/o LYLIF

I am just all about lately (in case you missed last week's post, featuring this lovely necklace, they are a budget friendly site that sells trendy jewelry and fun accessories)! I wasn't even planning on wearing this for Frugal Friday, but then I totally had one of those "I hate my outfit and want to pull out my hair and throw a tantrum, even though I'm in my mid twenties" moments. Mid whining and angry/childish stomping, I glanced over and saw this lovely little belt just laying there, and I knew everything would be OK. I mean, it's pastel pink, and has an adorable little gold bow, so what's not to love, right? I decided to pair it with some mint green and hot pink - because really, who doesn't love mint green with a side of pink (it's like steak & potatoes guys - they just go together, they just DO). And just like that all my outfit problems were cured. Thanks little belt. Thanks for helping me act my age again (and look really cute too)!

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