Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Throwin' Bows

Pants: Citizens of Humanity Shirt: Anthropologie Jacket: Gap Bag & Short Necklace: J. Crew Longer Necklace: Madewell Shoes: Target

I'm going to interrupt the weekly installment of "Talk to My Outfit Tuesday" to just talk about these outfit pics for a sec, because they are some of my favorites - EVER! In case you guys can't tell, these were taken in Times Square! As soon as I knew we were going to NYC, I got REALLY excited about taking outfit pics in such an awesome and energetic place. It may have been partly because I knew I wouldn't be the only a**hole having my picture taken for once, so I was just hammin' it up. In fact, there were SO many other people getting their photos taken (for their style blogs, obviously), I actually had to throw some bows. You see that guy in the red pants in pic 2? I literally had to push him and his stylish pants out of my way. And the guy in the red jumpsuit? He was really excited about his outfit, so I decided I could share the spotlight...because hey, why shouldn't he have his moment of fame in that glorious getup?

More on our NYC adventures coming Thursday :)


  1. Love your jacket and bag! I love NYC :)


  2. you really stand out from the crowd with your outfit so you didnt have to elbow the guys away..haha..the chambray shirt is nice...especially with a chic necklace. You look efforlessly chic. I like the street style


  3. Love your outfit! New follower :)

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