Thursday, January 26, 2012

Things That Make Me Warm & Fuzzy Thursday

Shirt, Bracelets & Scarf: J. Crew Skirt: Modcloth (sale) Tights & Shoes: Target

Things That Make Me Warm & Fuzzy Thursday:

1. This skirt. We were taking these pics and all of a sudden I look down and realize the seam is awkwardly in the front. So I twist it around - only to discover it has POCKETS. Yeah, I know...pretty awesome.
2. My friend Meredith. I saw her at the basketball game last weekend - and she goes: "you should do a what NOT to wear post on the blog - and I can be it." While she definitely has a different style than I do - she was rockin' some maroon cords when she said that - so I mean, she's really not clueless - just needs some fine tuning. And Mer - if you are reading this - watch out: February 2012 you are mine! And please don't hate me for calling you out on the blog :)
3. Watching The Bachelor. Nick is away for work this week, so I get to catch up on all the latest drama! I don't even know why I watch this show - but it's so addicting. I find myself covering my face with my hands when the situations get too awkward (which is A LOT)...and I may or may not talk to Ben out loud. For example: "No Ben - don't do it! Don't give Courtney the rose, don't fall for her shenanigans!" Needless to say, he didn't listen.
4. Well you know this post wouldn't be complete if I didn't mention food - so this week I'm lovin' these frozen chocolate covered banana slices I picked up from Trader Joe's - anyone try those? A-MA-ZING.
5. Eating cereal for dinner because Nick is away for work. Some nights, I have two bowls.

Thank goodness it's Thursday!

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