Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Broken Promises

Pants, Necklace & Clutch: J. Crew Top: Zara Shoes: Target Glasses: Warby Parker

So it's Two for Tuesday, but I'm having technical difficulties with Polyvore...so I can't post my second look. I know, I'm disappointed too. It involved these black pants, some chambray, orange heels, and some leopard. Pretty crazy. You'll just have to use your imagination and trust me that it was super cute!

The glasses I'm wearing I just got from Warby Parker. They have a home try on program where they send you 5 pairs so that you can see how they look. What do you guys think? I've wanted nerdy glasses with thick frames for awhile now. So even if you tell me you hate them, I will probably rock them anyway and you will just have to deal :)

I know I promised dog pics...but the husband took the camera hostage on his work trip, so you'll just have to wait. Sorry for all the broken promises today guys. But seriously,  Monty the yellow lab is worth the wait.


  1. I think those glasses look GREAT!


  2. Love them! Which frames are they? I have the Winstons.

  3. I Iove that jay crew clutch! It's a great statement piece.

  4. Holly - they are the Colton...super excited about them!

  5. Such a great top!
    You look great :) & Glasses totally suit you